IntelliStripe 380

Card Personalization and Encoding Device



Encode and issue financial and ID cards in seconds

The IS380 Encoder is a motorized magstripe and EMV smart card encoder-reader that allows financial and ID cards to be instantly encoded and issued to customers.

High reliability for PIN issuance

IntelliStripe 380 is a highly reliable motorized reader and encoder of magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards. It is excellent for fully encoding a consumer card, or simply encoding the PIN offset for card-based PIN and rePIN programs.

EMV smart card encoding

A single card-slot design simplifies user-interface, and removes the human-element from ensuring quality magstripe and EMV smartcard encoding.

Simple operation

Its compact footprint, rugged design, and low audible noise, make it a perfect choice for motorized card issuance at financial institutions.

A smooth mechanical card-transport ensures fast, reliable, and high-quality encode operations.

Dual Connectivity The device provides dual RS-232 and USB connectivity which allows for easy connection to a variety of PC configurations.

Engineered security

The unit provides mechanical and electromechanical features that allow the enclosure to be used within a TRSM environment per ISO 9564. Mechanical features visually indicate intrusion into the enclosure, and electromechanical switches on the Main PCB signal that the mechanical enclosure had been opened. This allows the electronics to erase the keys in its memory area whether the unit is powered or not.

General Information

DimensionsHeight: 3.85 in (97,79 mm)
Width: 4.47 in (111,754 mm)
Length 8.44 in (211,008 mm)
Weight2 lbs (0,9072 kg)

Card Specifications

MagneticsTracks 1, 2, 3 HiCo/LoCo read/write per ISO 7810, 7811
Smart CardT=0, T=1 Smart Card per ISO 7816 and EMV Level 1
8 contacts
Memory CardsSLE 4442/SLE 4432 families, SLE 4428/SLE 4418 families, SLE 4404 family, I²C™ generic cards
Card Speed7-11 i.p.s.


Input Voltage+12 VDC ± 5 %
Current DrawIdle: 300 mA
Maximum: 3.0 A (during HiCo encode sequence) 1 A draw from an auxiliary serial port device
Communication ProtocolMagTek® MCP protocol
Command SetMagTek MCP command set
MTBFElectronics: 125,000 hours
Magnetic read head: 1,000,000 passes (500,000 insertion cycles)
Smart Card contacts: 1,000,000 transactions

What Makes Us So Great

Over 1 Million Pass


Over 1 Million Pass
EMV Level 1 and Level 2 (Contact Only)


EMV Level 1 and Level 2 (Contact Only)
Rechargeable battery with 5-year life


Rechargeable battery with 5-year life
Allows hundreds of card swipes between charges

Long cycle per use

Allows hundreds of card swipes between charges
Ergonomic design simplifies card swiping        
with Red/Green/Amber LED for status and LED for Bluetooth


Ergonomic design simplifies card swiping with Red/Green/Amber LED for status and LED for Bluetooth
Docking Station


Docking Station

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