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Who We Are

We are a leading provider of payments and identification technology with over forty years of experience developing breakthrough innovations that have helped shape our industry and set new international standards for the reliability, security, and speed of electronic transactions

What We Do 

We design, build and manufacture premier hardware and secure web services to protect the identity, assets, and safety of individuals and businesses all over the world.

Highest first swipe read rate

MagTek readers have one of the highest first swipe read rates in the industry and last for 1 million swipes. This enables you to develop reliable hardware and systems that move lines faster and makes your customers happy.


Hardware certified to work with most major POS software platforms, payment gateways and processors using a variety of operating systems and communications interfaces.


Instant issue solutions giving you the power to put personalised, ready-to-use credit & debit cards in the hands of cardholders on the spot, eliminating wait time & the risk of losing cards or PINs in the post.


Secure card reading components, modules & systems. MagTek card reading technology has been incorporated into millions of ATMs, kiosks, access control systems & POS terminals worldwide.


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